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Your AHS Journey

Don’t know where to start? Book an assessment and we will determine the fitness option best suited for you!

Class Placement Flowchart

We offer classes in 13-week sessions:

  • Fall: September, October, November
  • Winter: January, February, March
  • Spring: April, May, June
  • Purchase a Punch Card for July, August, & December
    • If you do not want to commit to a 13-week session, consider purchasing a 10 or 20 punch card! They don’t expire and can be used for any of our fitness classes.
    • The highest investment is at the beginning of the health journey and you are rewarded with decreasing costs as you participate longer at AHS. After one year (or three consecutive sessions) you pay a lower stable price.
    • Everyone is encouraged to stay after class and use our Community Kitchen; enjoy a complimentary tea or coffee!
    • All participants have access to our biweekly Health Lectures held in our community kitchen. You will be given a worksheet for reflection during Health Lectures.
    • We guarantee our participants a safe exercise environment:
      • All of the staff at AHS have Standard First aid with CPR-C
      • We have an AED on site
    • Is it your first time? Read a blog post about a first-time visit and have some of your questions answered!

How much does this cost?

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13-Week Sessions:

ClassesLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4
1 class/week$180$168$156$144
2 classes/week$360$336$312$288
3 classes/week$540$504$468$432

Punch Cards:

ClassesLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4
10 classes$150$140$130$120
20 classes$285$266$247$228

Extra Services:

Rehabilitation Classes$20
Private Rehabilitation$80
Private Therapeutic Yoga$50
Private Health Coaching$80
Full Assessment$80
Class Placement Assesssment$40
Personal Training$50

Fitness Class Descriptions

Book a Placement Assessment with one of our CSEP-CPT’s for a class recommendation based on your personal health status. These 30-minute assessments include joint range-of-motion analysis, physical fitness analysis, and a personal class recommendation based on individual health requirements. Call 250-596-6247 or e-mail us at to book your assessment today!

Vitality Series

Functional movement training to improve how you feel, decrease pain, and enhance quality of life. This series is designed to increase in difficulty and allow progression as fitness levels improve.


If you have difficulty standing, walking, and weight bearing as a result of an injury or chronic condition, then this is your starting point. This class focuses on restoring joint ranges of motion and full body mobility, improving posture, and tolerance to weight bearing. The class alternates between seated and standing activities and participants improve their posture and walking pattern.


If you have been inactive for a while and want a challenging class that is safe yet effective, this is the class for you. This class consists of light strengthening activities interspersed with walking and stepping intervals. The strength exercises are performed with dumbbells, resistance bands, and TRX. Each class begins with a gentle warm-up and wraps up with balance exercises and a standing stretch routine. All exercises are performed in a standing position to accommodate anyone who is unable to get down to floor level. The format of the class allows participants to work at their own pace and the instructor is able to modify any activity to accommodate limitations such as pain and/or injuries.


This class has a similar format to the Rejuvenate class but is more challenging. Participants are asked to perform exercise on mats therefore getting up and down from the floor is required.


This class is set up as a circuit. Participants will move through a series of timed stations and perform strength exercises for a timed interval. The class begins with a dynamic warm-up and finishes with stretching and mobility activities.


This a our most challenging class. It is a fast-paced circuit style class consisting of functional/movement activities designed to improve your strength, coordination, and endurance. Participants complete a dynamic warm-up followed by specific strengthening and mobility exercises that target typically weak muscles and stiff joints. A comprehensive stretching routine closes down each session.

Sport Series

Golf Fit
  • This is class is for any adult who plays golf (or another rotational sport) to develop or maintain rotational movement for their golf swing (including increasing club head speed)
  • Common injuries will be addressed with corrective activities and functional movement for the golf swing
  • This is a circuit-style class with a common warm-up and stretching section

Prevention and Maintenance Programs

Weight Loss

If you are looking to become more active and lose some weight, this is the class for you. Set up as a circuit, participants will move through a series of timed stations, performing strength and cardiovascular exercises. The class begins with a dynamic warm-up and ends with a comprehensive stretching routine.

Pink Power
  • This class is for breast cancer survivors who would like to become more physically active. The class is designed to improve full body strength and mobility with a focus on correct upper body movement and reducing the risk of lymphedema
  • This class is appropriate for anyone who has not been physically active for several years
  • This class is not choreographed and designed to allow individual participants to work at their own pace

Rehabilitation Classes

These classes are designed as a block of 6 one hour classes that take place once per week. Each participant is asked to commit to all classes because the information given and exercises that are taught progress from week to week. Participants are encouraged to attend the classes on an ongoing basis to continually improve their level of function. Classes are limited to 6 people.

Back Care Program

An evidence-based exercise program designed to help with lower back issues. Suitable for people with degenerative disc disease, sciatica from a disc problem, or weak deep core muscles.

Our small group exercise class is designed to reinforce your awareness of strengthening and using your stabilizing muscles correctly so that they support your back/pelvis in daily functions and then progress to show you how to safely increase your activity and endurance.

Upper Back/Shoulder/Neck Care Program

This class has been programmed for neck and shoulder injuries and is suitable for people with upper back and/or neck pain, neck tension, shoulder problems, and tension headaches.

This class has been designed specifically to assist with muscle re-education and re-balancing to regain movement and stability safely.

Our small group classes aim to develop awareness of the upper body stabilizing muscles, as well as provide a safe environment to strengthen the upper limb and cervicothoracic complex

Hip & Knee Program

This class will educate clients by highlighting exercise appropriate for hip and knee conditions such as osteoarthritis of the hip and knee, and muscle imbalances associated with knee or hip injuries.

Pre- and post-operative hip and knee patients are welcome, as this class is also designed to optimize conditioning prior to surgery and facilitate post-operative rehabilitation.

Restorative Yoga

Restorative yoga is a unique style of yoga that focuses on supporting the body in a deeply restful way.

Using props to achieve comfort, each class consists of only 5-7 poses, each held for a longer period of time to foster a calming experience. There are no standing poses in restorative yoga – all poses are done lying or sitting down.

The intention of restorative yoga is to “un-do” the stress and busyness of our lives.

Chair Yoga

A gentle form of yoga that is practiced sitting in a chair, and/or standing using the chair for support. It will help deepen flexibility, improve balance, stability, strength, and coordination along with strengthening personal body awareness.

Gentle Lunch Yoga

A gentle yoga practice that uses yoga postures and breathing exercises to bring balance to your body in the middle of your workday. All levels and abilities are welcome to participate.


Class Schedule – Effective January 2019

All classes open for registration and drop-in

AHS HOURS9:00 am - 4:00 pm9:00 am - 6:30 pm9:00 am - 5:00 pm9:00 am - 6:30 pm9:00 am - 5:00 pm11:00 am - 12:00 pm
9:00 AMRejuvenate Rejuvenate Rejuvenate
10:00 AMInvigorateGolf FitInvigorateGolf FitInvigorate
11:00 AMThriveRejuvenate/InvigorateThrivePink PowerThriveTai Chi
12:00 PMHealth SeminarRestore
1:00 PMTai Chi
(Must Pre-Register)
2:00 PMExcelChair Yoga
(Must Pre-Register)
3:00 PMRestoreRestore
4:00 PM4:15 Rejuvenate/Invigorate4:15 Rejuvenate/Invigorate
5:00 PM5:30 Weight Loss5:30 Weight Loss
6:00 PM
7:00 PM

Registration Package

Please fill out our registration form and either return to front desk, or e-mail to


Health Lectures

Health Classes: Taught by Ann Holmes, these interactive classes will be held bi-weekly in the Community Kitchen. Access to these classes is FREE if you are registered participant at AHS. Please sign up for the classes in advance.

S.NoDateLecture Topic
1Monday, January 14th @ 12:00 pmYour Health Journey
2Monday, February 11th @ 12:00 pmBasic Fitness Principles
3Monday, March 11th @ 12:00 pmHealthy Habits
4Monday, April 8th @ 12:00 pmBasic Nutrition
5Monday, May 13th @ 12:00 pmBlue Zones - Principles for Longevity
6Monday, June 10th @ 12:00 pmMovement Matters
7Monday, June 24th @ 12:00 pmHealthy BBQ's


Topics for Cooking and Fueling (Healthy Swap-Outs, Desserts & Treats, Juicing & Blending, Meal Planning & Preparation, Healthy BBQ’s)

Special Topics (Aging, Hormones, Caregiving, Trends & Myths, Travel Tips, Advanced Nutrition)

Healthy Habits

Health is a habit. This session is for you to learn more about yourself, how you can get unstuck, and form healthier habits.

Basic Nutrition

Come and learn the basics about protein, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins and minerals. Figure out why we need these nutrients and how to get them from food.

Movement Matters

According to Katy Bowman, “we currently live in a world where “life” is mostly sedentary, and “exercise” is the one or two hours a day we set aside to fit in some movement.” Let’s talk about why movement matters and how we can fit more opportunities to move into our daily lives.

Blue Zones Principles for Longevity

What are the lessons from the people and cultures around the world with the longest-living people? Learn about these concepts and how you can incorporate them into your life (and community) for a longer, more fulfilled life.

Your Health Journey

You did it! You made the decision and commitment to get healthier. Let’s look at some of the components of health and set some goals around your health journey.

Basic Fitness Principles

Cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, and body composition … what do these mean and why are these concepts important as we age?

AHS Policies

  • Maintenance Months are Drop-In Classes only
  • Drop-in Passes expire after one year. Drop-in Passes can be shared with a friend for classes or Health Lectures and/or used in the Maintenance Months
  • We cannot accommodate vacation stoppages. If you plan to be away during 13-week session, you can purchase a 10-class Drop-in Card. We cannot sign you into a series of classes in advance, but you can drop-in.
  • The AHS Staff will confirm with participants prior to Week-12 of every session their registration in the upcoming series of classes
  • Class sizes are limited to 12 people, but we can accommodate 3 Drop-in’s per class.
  • You may move from one to two classes per week (or vice versa) and your fees will be based on the number of 13-week sessions in which you have previously participated.
  • If you take more than two 13-week sessions off, we may require you to complete the full intake document to determine readiness to participate in physical activity.
  • If you sign up for the first time in the middle of a 13-week session, you will be pro-rated for the remaining classes. You will then sign up for your first full 13-week session upon completion of the partial session.